Antonia Baskakov

GAC 2023

Antonia Baskakov works on feminist development policy at the ONE Campaign, an international NGO fighting extreme poverty. Prior to joining ONE, she was the Strategic Advisor to the Executive Director of the Center for Feminist Foreign Policy where she managed projects on transatlantic relations, peace and security, and feminist international law. She has worked in a variety of human rights-related fields, including legal research at Berkeley Law School and Stanford Law School for Professor Dr. Beth Van Schaack, the current U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for Global Criminal Justice. She also serves as the Development Director at [gather], a non-profit focused on women's leadership, a Europe Youth Envoy for the United Nations ITU, and a regular contributor to different news outlets writing about foreign-, security-, development-, and digital policy from a feminist perspective. This fall, she will begin her graduate studies at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service.